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I am currently a senior studying at Taipei American Scool and history has always been my favorite subject: my interest in it began because of my grandparents, who have rich historical knowledge from their personal experiences.  However, I soon noticed that most teenagers don’t understand the importance of history and see it as a boring subject. This lack of knowledge has led to a lot of uninformed political arguments and ignorant comments. I believe learning history is important because it allows us to stay politically informed and learn from society’s past. Acknowleding the lack of interest teenagers have in history , I made it my mission to make history a more exciting and interactive subject. Inspired by the addictive nature of video games, I created Archives: a Common Core-aligned, text-based, choose-your-own-adventure game. While building this series, I was captivated by the lack of representation ordinary people have throughout history. The history described in textbooks often focuses on the lives and decisions of political figures, and I really wanted to give users a boots-on-the-ground experience of important events so they could imagine themselves living through them.  

Archives is currently being used in classrooms in International schools in Taiwan. My mission is to customize games for schools all over the world, allowing teachers to create an interactive atmosphere in their history classrooms. 

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